28 Feb 2014

Speed blogging

  1. The Straight Dope on why Fahrenheit is so screwy and why you CAN swim just after eating (with one exception)

  2. A California irrigation district ends its flat rate, all-you-can-use irrigation pricing. Another sign of the end of abundance

  3. The IPCC report in Haiku!

  4. Hjorth and Madani wrote this and this [pdfs] on sustainable water management. Their main point is that existing management paradigms do not include sustainability and other disciplinary views. Bruce and Madani explore collaborative policy making [pdf]

  5. This op/ed on selling "excess" environmental water to California farmers and then using the money to help the environment is interesting, except for its mixed signals (not really for the environment and perhaps formerly belonging to farmers)

  6. A special AWRA issue with many opinions on the future of water resources in the US
H/Ts to CM and RM

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