18 Feb 2014

Speed blogging

  1. The SW US drought is in the news, but droughts are not new. More disturbing, the lack of action/reform or progress since the last drought (2008-9) depresses me. One silver lining is that I can refer you to old posts that are just as relevant today:

  2. Robert Pyke deconstructs Bay-Delta propaganda [pdf] and concludes: "The BDCP is more about water quality and safeguarding the power of the Metropolitan Water District and its board’s pensions than it is about safeguarding water supplies"

  3. I've been talking a lot to the public and reporters on the drought:

  4. OTPR debunks California farmers' claims that we'll starve if they don't get water

  5. Fleck on overdrafting groundwater. Emergency today means tragedy tomorrow

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