7 Feb 2014

Anything but water

  1. Alberta's government has squandered its oil royalties. The province uses them for current spending (instead of investing them for a post-oil world), which explains why the provincial government is in such a hurry to get more oil out of the ground (income for government services!) and why the government is lax on environmental regulations

  2. The differences between Dutch and American attitudes (and laws) explain why it's ok to kill cyclists in the US

  3. Illuminating podcast on Jeffrey Sachs, and how his myopia of human choice results in failed development schemes (remember that Sachs was behind the failed privatizations in Eastern Europe)

  4. US hypocrisy: 96 Percent of Dems Who Support Minimum Wage Hike Don’t Pay Their Interns. The US government employs 15 percent of workers, far less than in many European countries, where government jobs may NOT correlate with governance and performance (Norway and Denmark, sure, but Czech and Russia?!)

  5. Whoops! 10 Corporations Control Almost Everything You (Americans) Buy

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