12 Dec 2013

Speed blogging

  1. Dutch reports on green growth and environmental accounting... in English, of course :)

  2. Anti-pipeline protestors should go after today's water pollution and ridiculous energy subsidies

  3. A WTF look into how California "monitors" water use

  4. The Dutch are also collecting phosphorous from urine (another profit center!). This kid's over-enthusiastic flushing won the toilet day blog award

  5. Surface and groundwater flows in the Himalayas

  6. Follow the money: "No climate-change deniers to be found in the reinsurance business"

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Steven Sanders said...

From Dallas. The last 20-day period was the coldest 20-day period in December for North Texas since 1898.

Dallas and many other communities are going to be facing a future of more extreme weather events and climate change where historic investment in infrastructure and O&M, equipment, etc. has been a function of a historic definition of average. It will be interesting to see how and when he start investing for extremes.

You have a great and unique blog and style.

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