10 Dec 2013

Free speech and the internet

This rant from Reddit (profanity and all) serves as an effective declaration of rights:

I'm getting so tired of this shit.*

It's just an internet comment, a small string of 1's and 0's somebody bashed together in half a second on a virtual world that doesn't really exist. Words can't describe how meaningless it is. It's like walking down the street and seeing a little strip of paper with "Fuck you, cunt" written on it. It shouldn't make you cry. Are you really such a weak minded person that an anonymous comment collapses your world? Come on.

If you don't like it, don't read it. Especially on Twitter, you don't have to follow the cunt.. it's not like he's on a plynth outside the bloody pub. Or write an equally meaningless comment back. None of it matters. Not only that but wishing for something doesn't actually effect reality you precious fuckwits. If I hope all the children die in fires tomorrow it doesn't make it more likely, I'm not actually causing anything.. you're just a fucking idiot.

You can block him, you can get Twitter to ban him or you can take the most effective route and stop letting the stupid meaningless shit other people say have such a dramatic effect on your life because that's the reason they do it. You're just making it worse for yourself, you're painting a big target on your back and telling the world that if they say nasty things on t'internet you'll go off the bloody rails. "I'm a bear and I'll go mental if you poke me with a stick". What the fuck do you think is about to happen? poke.
"Don't feed the trolls" was correct in 1993 and it's correct now, they exist because you completely over-react to the things they say. They find it funny that you let it bother you, they understand how uncontrollable and lawless the internet is, they understand how all information on it is treated equally and how you need to be your own content filter.

Also, his message might be offensive but it's just as fucking pointless as all the people in all the places who type "My condolences". It's just fucking babble to make us feel better, do we really need to all get together and tell each other just how tragic a helicopter crashing into a pub is? I'm sure we all fucking know, call it instinct. He's just not joining in on the national circlejerk of sadness, instead he's attacking it. Boo fucking hoo. You don't get to be right just because you claim you are more honest, solemn, charitable or polite than other people that's fucking stupid.

"I'm really nice to my granny and you're not, therefor my stance on healthcare is correct. I really honestly deep in my heart of hearts believe it to be true also, so that that makes me double correct!". That's not how it works shitstain.

Call him an arse, shun him from society, spread rumors that he's got nasty diseases.. fine.. He's a cunt but I will defend his right to be a cunt until the day I die because at some point all this moral majority shite will turn on something you like, you'll have the minority opinion, you'll be the 'horrible' one and I hope someone will stand up for your right to be different from everyone else.

I could place a link right here in this comment to imgur and until you click it and you see the contents you won't know if it's cute or disgusting. That's powerful, it's the first time in human history we can really do that. Newspapers, TV shows, Books, Music.. they all have editors. They all have people smoothing the edges off reality to make it palatable. Not anymore. We have accidentally invented near absolute free speech, I can almost literally beam an idea from my brain to yours, with no interruptions, no judgements, no filters and with no information lost.. how amazing is that? Yet these fuckers want it taken away because "that man said a nasty thing"? Fuck them.

* A Scottish kid was arrested for this tweet

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