2 Dec 2013

Anything but water

  1. An interesting podcast on why "reason" is only one of several ways of viewing the world (consider, e.g., ethics, common sense, etc.). Want more? Read Tracy Mehan's post on conservation, markets and ethics. Want a deeper discussion of why "we seem designed to twist moral discourse to selfish or tribal ends? Read this (it's also how lots of economists -- including me -- think)

  2. Under the streets of NYC -- a fascinating web of human engineering

  3. Want to drop corruption and gridlock in DC by 50 percent? End corporate taxes

  4. After some thought, I've come 'round to my friend's rationale for the poor standard of living in the UK: people are used to getting screwed. From the enclosure movement to the Industrial Revolution to WWI, the British middle class has been squeezed. Ex-Brits (US, Canada, Australia), in contrast, were able to "take lots of space" and got used to a higher quality of living that's persisted

  5. This history (one of several articles) of tar oil sands in Alberta is long on "brave pioneers" and short on details of how much the government paid (or looked the other way).
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