3 Dec 2013

A day of loss -- and find?

I love the expression "first world problems" (OMG! My internet is slowing down!), but there's something to be said about temporary discomfort as a means of understanding what you need, what you want, and why you're lucky.

I travel a lot (and I've moved about a dozen times in 5 years), so I've lost and found a lot of good and bad things, people and ideas, but I wonder if others wouldn't benefit from a little appreciation.

What if, for example, you lost access to your car on a random day? Your phone? Your internet?

Do you think that it would change the way you used these items?

What about losing your partner? Your kids? Your best friend?

Do you think it would change the way you appreciate, relate and interact with them?

What if you lost your hand? Your vision? Your appetite?

How would your grip on life change?

I'm just asking, but I'm curious to know if you've tried this thought exercise or if you're bold enough to do it for real.

If so, what would you "target" for loss? Or would you rather be surprised?

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