6 Nov 2013

Water in Oklahoma

I gave a lunch keynote ("The end of abundance... and the start of something new?") in Oklahoma City a few weeks back (PDF slides and 48 min MP3) and then a talk (PDF slides and 74 min MP3) to some OSU graduate students. The former has stronger emphasis on how to address issues;* the latter discusses how academics get water economics wrong.

After my demonstration of the All-in-auction (video to come), I did a 4 min interview with OSU's SunUpTV that puts auctions into local context:

(There's also a 4 min video describing water rights in Oklahoma.)

I'm talking about water metering in England and Wales and failure at the US Army Corps of Engineers this week at the AWRA in Portland. Slides and MP3s to come!

Those are my last (scheduled) talks for 2013. I'll be teaching from Jan-April next year at Simon Fraser University and will TRY to get videos of those lectures.

I'll also be doing a series of online "hangouts" to discuss the various chapters of The End of Abundance 2.0.

Click here if you want to have me give a talk -- or do some consulting :)

* At a recent Vancouver talk, I asked Adam Kehane what to do when one party to a negotiation has an interest in stonewalling to maintain the status quo (i.e., exporters and the Sacramento Delta [pdf] but also see this). He answered with three suggestions:
  • Wait. Events may change their mind
  • Make them uncomfortable
  • Try to see the other's POV. Friends can agree
Someone asked about Israel and Palestine. His reply? "Hey, we're not doing magic tricks here." Good point.

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