21 Nov 2013

Speed blogging

  1. A great article on the New California Water Atlas (I'm advising them)

  2. Barry Lehrman and I chatted about Los Angeles, Owens Valley and their aqueduct futures (41 min on YouTube or MP3)

  3. Developing countries are mad that developed countries are not delivering promised money to help cope with adapting to climate change, which is going to "manifest" through a nastier water cycle (Philippine representatives are fasting in protest).

    Addendum: 600 NGO groups have walked out, protesting a lack of delivery of promised $ by developed countries; Poland fired its enviro minister (chair of UCOP19). Looks like +4C

  4. Speaking of adaptation, California homeowners are upset that they will have to pay the full cost of insurance. Politicians complain that risk-adjusted rates are "unaffordable." People should have thought about that before moving into a flood plain. My solution: no insurance = rescue inhabitants but no money for the house. My Dutch colleagues have a better solution -- help threatened [Delta] homeowners see that they need to work together, via games!

  5. How Bangladeshis turn sewage into clean water, fish and flood control

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