15 Nov 2013

Speed blogging

  1. The EPA has a report on the "Importance of Water to the United States Economy" -- a title that I prefer to their old idea of measuring "the value of water." It looks like I may have had an impact!

  2. A decent article on "rethinking big water," i.e., fewer mega projects, more conservation and recycling. The reporter missed the easy way to price water, unfortunately

  3. Mike Wade (a shill for big irrigators in California) launches another OxyMoronic op/ed. "Guaranteeing water source" claims that the Delta "plan will restore water to those who are eligible to receive it," which is not true for places like Westlands whose junior rights licenses are de facto dry. He goes on to say that "water can be used at one place and time to generate power, and then a second time to irrigate a field of tomatoes and once again for washing clothes in a city." I'm not sure that I want agro-chemicals in my underwear! Should big ag pay Mike $135,000 to produce bad jokes like this?

  4. "City of Sacramento strives to lead in water conservation." That may be tough (or maybe easy?) when they use 8x as much water as Europeans. First kill the lawns, then move out of the floodplain

  5. Bad sign: "Geotechnical engineers are trying to determine how one billion litres of murky water leaked from a containment pond into the Athabasca River"

  6. A deep resource: "The Climate-Aquatics Blog helps field biologists, hydrologists, students, managers, and researchers discuss issues associated with aquatic ecosystems and climate change"
H/Ts to RM and KO


Ferdinand Quinones said...

I think it is arrogant on your part to take credit for influencing EPA to publish the report on the Importance of Water to the US Economy. I am not a fan of EPA, but they do have some good people. There are many precedents in EPA that point to this subject.

David Zetland said...

@Ferdinand: (1) I was speaking a little tongue in cheek and (2) I *did* actually meet face2face with an EPA guy on that very issue. Maybe I was not 100% of the cause, but I was surely more than 1% :)

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