12 Nov 2013

Speed blogging

  1. I've been watching the PBS documentary of Cadillac Desert (featuring Mark Reisner, Pat Mulroy, Floyd Dominy, et al.). It's a great complement to the book and a refreshing update on how crazy the dam builders were. Episodes cover the Los Angeles Aqueduct, Central Valley Project and State Water project and the impact of US policies on the rest of the world -- topics that I've covered in academic papers and here. The series also gives you a shudder, as you realize that China is now on the same, scary, path, even to the point of building dams to keep the industry happy -- damn the consequences! Watch it!

  2. Speaking of development in the West, someone made a map of how western states would look if they followed J.W. Powell's vision of watershed boundaries. Half the mess we're in now (e.g., lack of trade across political borders) can be traced to our incorrect boundaries (same is true for colonial borders of African countries, btw). Read his 1879 report to understand why

  3. Read this great post on how towns can share ("regionalize") their water facilities. Then hire Lauren!

  4. The English "give up" coastline to make it easier to defend other areas from climate change impacts

  5. Some nice insights on water and culture, from a woman working in Iraq ... and more from a woman researching in Ethiopia

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