25 Oct 2013

Speed blogging

  1. If you're interested in water governance, shortage and conflict in India, then watch (or listen to) my water chat with Mike McCullough (70 min) on his thesis [docx]

  2. How to deliver water in Africa (hint: capitalist kiosks > charitable handpumps)

  3. Ten ocean landscapes worth looking at (sample to right)

  4. An EU project, WATER CHANGE, uses modelling to plan for climate change adaptation. Check it out if you're into that stuff or want to see their results for Catalonia

  5. Natural infrastructure uses natural environments to deliver services (e.g., clean water) at a lower price than man made infrastructure, and you get functioning ecosystems as a bonus!


Joan said...

Hi David, @4: there are a whole bunch of projects on this, for different scales, systems, countries, etc, why your particular in this one? I don´t see they published any results on this website, unfortunately. In any case, thanks for link, heard about the project before (working in Spain in the same field) and they seem to be a strong team.

David Zetland said...

@Joan -- just one of many, yes. I've not rated/ranked/reviewed them. Please suggest "good" ones :)

Joan said...

Well, my colleagues have been involved in several studies on this; one recent outcome is explained in link below, from work in the Himalayas: flows in some of the main Asian rivers, considerably, and decrease in others, related with glacier dynamics:
"Increasing precipitation prevents rivers from drying up. Himalayas to become warmer and wetter over the next century."

Project link: http://www.ceop-aegis.org/

Another European good project I know of is WATCH: http://www.eu-watch.org/

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