24 Sep 2013

Speed blogging

  1. China has lost 28,000 rivers, probably due to diversions and development, and that's just the start of its water problems

  2. GREAT water-related photos ...like this one:

  3. The US Government is raising flood insurance rates, to remove subsidies that encourage people to live taxpayer's dime. Now they will have to pay for their risk, and they are mad

  4. Companies are just starting to understand how to use smart meter data; customers may be better off

  5. David Suzuki says that the IPCC is too conservative in discussing impacts from climate change. That may please businesses and politicians who don't want change from business as usual, but it may also lull us asleep in the face of a freight train of problems -- food and commodity shortages, for instance.
H/T to DL

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Peter Easton said...

Thanks for link to 'water photos' Some superb and thought-provoking images. (Daily Mail not all bad!?)

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