2 Sep 2013

Speed blogging

  1. I've used the LifeStraw while camping (not drinking from the toilet). Recommended

  2. A short summary on water "challenges" in different US regions and a recap on how farmers use conserved water to grow more crops (markets would solve that problem)

  3. This article says that cities will incur $1 trillion in flood damage per year in 2100 due to climate change. I laughed when a Canadian professor of science says "Municipalities don't have that kind of money" for protection [$10 billion for Vancouver, over 100 years]. I'm guessing that they will find the money if they want to keep collecting property taxes :)

  4. Another story of how Israel denies water to Palestinians

  5. Choke-point India has lots of stories on water in India. One area of concern is sand mining, which disturbs river flows in ways that increase pollution, harms downstream users, and disrupts environmental flows. Corruption makes it easier for harmful sand mining to continue
H/T to GC and DL

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