30 Aug 2013

America's biggest mistake

...may be the War on Drugs.
  • Drugs are cheaper and purer
  • More people die of overdoses and contaminated drugs
  • Violence in the US and drug-producing countries is worse
  • $billions have wasted on SWAT teams and dead bystanders
  • Drug gangs and cartels are richer than ever
  • The rule of law is weaker and police are more corrupt*
These results are similar to the results of Prohibition, which also failed due to a mistaken belief that righteousness would conquer consumer demand.

To learn more about why the policy has failed and why ALL drugs should be legalized and regulated and why drug abuse is a public health (not criminal) problem, I recommend watching "How to make money selling drugs." This tongue-in-cheek but factual documentary shows how drugs generate profits that lead to criminal and political failure.

Here's the torrent.

Bottom Line: Every policy has winners and losers; justice and truth loses when corruption takes over. Follow Washington state, end the War and chill out.

* Read this very good -- and very sad -- New Yorker article on police abuse of civil forfeiture laws.

H/T to RM

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