2 Jul 2013

Too dumb to blog?

Sometimes I see water-related stuff that's too silly to blog,* but sometimes I do -- especially when "silly" can lead to jail.

That's the case with this Tennessee state official who said that "complaints about water quality -- if unfounded -- could be considered terrorist threats under Homeland Security guidelines."

That veiled threat is silly stupid corrupt because (1) it "chills" discussions on water quality that every community should have because people don't want to be accused of a crime (or jailed -- as this teen was for joking about guns online) and (2) it makes it harder for citizens to demand accountability from the people bring them water.

Bottom Line: People should be encouraged to understand and discuss water quality. The real threat to life and liberty comes from failure to do so.

* Like this advertorial on water conservation from a company... that sells luxury bathroom fixtures /facepalm

H/Ts to DL and RM

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