5 Jul 2013

Speed blogging

  1. This website gives lots of details on a Toronto-area project to integrate groundwater data from many sources (from paper archives to new studies). The data are free to access, to make it easier for people to plan a variety of projects. This example should be emulated worldwide!

  2. Florida cancels its ethanol mandate in a fit of rationality (and lack of corn farmers?). Is DC next?

  3. The Water Integrity Network (past of Transparency International) has a Water Management Toolbox that can be downloaded for free. It's meant to be used in developing countries, but water managers everywhere should be able to provide and explain this information to their stakeholders.

  4. Speaking of governance, the EU has apparently opted to NOT to open its water sector to competition, under the influence of public water companies in Germany. Investor-owned operators are annoyed [PDF], and customers will lose out.

  5. Here's a slew of EU-centric articles on flooding and climate change:
    • New estimates of the physical and economic consequences in Europe of climate change (PDF)
    • A European scale assessment of river flood risk (PDF)
    • Improving use of the European Flood Alert System (PDF)
    • Flash floods in Europe characterised (PDF)
    • Land use change and land management influence floods in small catchments (PDF)
    • Steps to improve flood resilience on the ground  (PDF)
    • How well do flood emergency plans meet management needs? (PDF)
    • Communicating flood risk: public awareness does not ensure public preparedness   (PDF)
    • Multi-criteria analysis - the better way to evaluate flood management  (PDF)
    • The Floods Directive: lessons from Germany for effective implementation  (PDF)

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