12 Jun 2013

Time for REAL water markets in California?

Will you bring me water if I put a sign in the desert?
This headline -- "The Tulare Irrigation District will receive zero surface water this year" -- is kinda ironic if you know that Tulare country was mostly underwater a century ago, before prior appropriation, subsidized infrastructure and total corruption turned the area into an income stream and environmental wasteland.

What can Tulare farmers do? I know they will ask for bailouts and extra subsidized surface water (even as they overdraft their groundwater), but they would be a LOT smarter to push for water markets. Why pay for water when you can get it for free? Because water markets are a LOT more reliable than politicians or courts.*

Bottom Line: Nature makes a drought; man makes a shortage.

H/T to RM
* ...and markets (or their potential) would force buyers and sellers to clarify surface and groundwater rights that are now abused, overextended and badly tracked. (Why? Because you need to know your rights before you can sell them!)

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