7 Jun 2013

Anything but water

  1. Some big name academics have an accessible article [pdf] on the impact of politics on economics (i.e., ignore at your peril). They give several examples of where concentration of economic power leads to abuse of political power. On a semi-related note, consider the connections between Keynesian economics and sexual liberation (the essay is flawed, but there's something to it).

  2. Biased beliefs fall away when people have to put their money where their mouth is.

  3. Speaking of institutions, consider their importance to the bad side of town and rail gauge (no, it wasn't the Romans, it was the horse's ass :) Getting serious, Cecil tells the tinhat crowd to forget about the Illuminati and worry about the failure of real institutions, e.g., Lessig's critique of the political process.

  4. A billionaire talks about how he's indirectly tacking climate change by improving information flows, why the Chinese may play a useful role in CC, and the unrealistic US debate over CC.

  5. The end of NGOs? Direct cash transfers are the best aid, which may be why billionaire tech entrepreneurs are giving that way. (I agree, and I'm abandoning my zombie 501(c)3; I'll be looking into crowdsourcing for whistlesafe, tapwaterprices, and other projects...) Oh, and the Economist has a nice briefing on "the end of poverty" ...mostly through liberalization.

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