14 Jun 2013

Anything but water

  1. "Money will continue to be wasted on research into social and psychological interventions unless the methods used by the researchers are fully reported in academic journals"

  2. The cocaine value chain (99 percent markup from Andean farmer to London user) explains the violence around drug trafficking and failure of the war on drugs.

  3. Issues that couples need to address if they are to be happy.

  4. The US government is putting a higher (shadow) price on carbon emissions for the purposes of writing regulations. It would be far more efficient (cheaper, faster, clearer) if the government would price carbon directly.*

  5. Institutional insights: "The Transition to Market Economies in Central and Eastern Europe"

* CAFE standards have improved fuel economy at a VERY high cost (i.e., making SUVs more profitable for some manufacturers, relying on technology where techniques are more efficient, etc.)

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