22 May 2013

Speed blogging

  1. Some California communities do not have drinkable water due to agricultural pollution. Should people leave those areas, drink bottled water or expect pipes to bring them water?

  2. Stratfor (=US Dept Defense) says that the Colorado River allocations need to be renegotiated rather than repaired one piece-by-piece. This is obvious, but it's interesting that the defense guys are now paying attention. Maybe that will lead to some action?

  3. California farmers and environmentalists are jointly managing water flows for rice, fish and birds near the Yolo Bypass. UK farmers are happy to take cash to reduce their impacts on water quality.

  4. How droughts are "declared" and why scientists are now turning the dial to 11

  5. The Nature Conservancy wants to expand the use of water markets to transfer water from farmers to cities. Good.
H/Ts to DL, RR and GT

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