2 May 2013

Speed blogging

  1. Aquazona linked to the "water we need" video from the Central Arizona Project. The video starts off ok, but then (conveniently) forgets to discuss cross subsidies, non-sustainability and failure to limit demand. (It spent lots of time on the 4% of water used for groundwater recharge, a project that will grow in importance as overdevelopment continues to deplete groundwater.) I predict that this video will look as quaint as the "doctors smoke Camels" videos in 30 years.

  2. This interactive map of California Water Rights is part of a larger project (I'm talking to them) on improving access to water data.

  3. A nice profile of Aquafornia's "Maven," Chris Austin,  who's been able to turn her wonk passions into an informative source of original and annotated water news.

  4. This infographic of EU water scarcity fails the basic smell test (water scarcity in the Netherlands but NOT in Spain?) -- probably because it reports national averages. Water scarcity is LOCAL -- and needs to be locally managed!

  5. The dark side of Israeli apartheid:
    Despite being outside the state of Israel, 90 percent of the Jordan Valley is under full Israeli civil and military control as part of Area C, a zone that covers 60 percent of the West Bank. Palestinian communities here, among the poorest and most vulnerable in oPt, desperately need access to water, electricity, sanitation and other basic infrastructure. But despite the needs, development organizations that try to improve living conditions in Area C say they find their ability to make any lasting impact hampered by Israeli restrictions and bureaucracy.
H/T to ZD

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