10 May 2013

Anything but water

  1. An example of the distortions in the tax system (Apple Inc)

  2. I had a nice talk with Michael Strong of Radical Social Entrepreneurs (etc.) on institutions, education and start-up cities (55 min on YouTube or mp3). Check out all past chats (and download MP3s) here.

  3. 10 signs of intellectual honesty (we go for that here).

  4. Want people to use less energy to save the planet? Don't tell them about green labels! Tell them they can save money with efficiency.

  5. Dear UNICEF: Stop killing children with your bureaucratic sloth. Try this instead:
    The idea of giving money to the poor without asking for anything in return startled some. “They told us the men would use the money to get drunk, and the women to buy jewellery and saris,” said Dewala. “But it’s a middle-class prejudice that the poor don’t know how to use money sensibly. The study showed that a regular income allows people to act responsibly. They know their priorities. When something is rare, people measure its value. (Anyway, in tribal villages, people distil their own liquor.) The main advantage is regularity. It makes it possible to organise, save and borrow. The principle is that a small amount of money generates a great deal of energy in a village.

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