12 Apr 2013

Speed blogging

Collecting water in Maharashtra
  1. This ODI publication -- "Private sector investment in water management: company forms and partnership models for inclusive development" -- has a useful discussion of the differences between cheap talk corporate involvement and serious community engagement in water management in LDCs. It's not about money as much as shared governance; local people know more about how water is (mis)used, and companies can benefit by partnering with them (not just giving them money).

  2. Two steps forward, one back in Mexico, whose water agency (CONAGUA) is looking to drop water subsidies (good!) while the UN plans to subsidize water saving devices (good in terms of demand destruction bad in terms of poor targeting).

  3. Fahad Al-Attiya of Qatar talks about his country's quest for food self sufficiency -- by growing food with desalinated water from solar panels. It would be easier, cheaper and better for everyone if they just finished the Doha (yes, the capital of Qatar) round of free trade talks, so that Qatar could import its food from a functioning, secure market for food.

  4. Los Angeles discussing waste-used-water recycling. That will be helpful when LA loses access to water from Northern California.

  5. An undersea water pipeline from Turkey to Northern Cyprus? Sure, if the Turks are willing to waste money on subsidizing farmers there.

  6. An update on water markets in Australia [pdf] has this snapshot (but read the whole thing!)

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