1 Apr 2013

Speed blogging

  1. Sri Vedachalam wants to know what you think of his new paper discussing public attitudes towards private or public investment in US water infrastructure.

  2. There's a free online course on international water politics at the Global Water Forum that starts with twelve semi-academic essays and moves later to videos. I'll be doing some webinars to discuss draft chapters of End of Abundance 2 next month. I'll do classes on water economics after the book is published (hopefully in the summer!)

  3. The drought that "ravaged" US crops in 2012 is likely to persist (snowpack in the western US is also below par), but farmers are unlikely to care. That's because they make money if their crops come in OR if their crops fail, since the US government always bails them out. Why take climate change seriously (or even think) when the government will save you from stupidity?

  4. Speaking of manipulating markets, privatized water companies in the UK are using offshore finance to pay themselves special dividends while passing the charges to customers. This is exactly the kind of manipulation that gives privatization a bad name... or is it merely an example of failure at Ofwat (the regulator)?

  5. Interesting post discussing how plastic can improve yields and profits at farms. Now all we need is that the plastic is biodegradable.

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