1 Apr 2013

Monday funnies

[A "serious" idea that's silly -- like this and this -- on April Fools? The water sector is crazy.]

The folks behind Gordon Rogers* of World View Water wants $250,000 to fund research on solar desalination. The good news is that he's using girls in bikinis and surfer videos to promote the "cultural vision that is world view water." The bad news is that he's unlikely to make any dent in the (multi-billion $) desalination market by selling bikinis and biodegradable plastic bottles.

Four girls with water bottles? Where do I sign up?
But that may not matter: the money you pledge will be spent even if they do not reach the funding goal, and I'm sure that a few girls will get nice swimsuits.

Bottom Line: There are good ideas in the water sector, and then there are silly ideas that take advantage of people's concern over water issues. (Watch this and this video if you doubt me, then watch this if you want a serious laugh.)

* "Gordon Rogers is The Founding Member and primary product and application designer for the World View Water Project. The project is chartered to perfect a technology and its protection and to develop a business model for production of drinkable water at prices competitive with existing sources, with favorable environmental impact while substantially increasing the total available amount of potable water worldwide.

Gordon is a Quality Engineer for a major defense and aerospace contractor in which role he leads many efforts to assure contract satisfaction for delivery of vision systems. He is the chair of the Environmentally Controlled Areas Team, a multi-disciplined group of material scientists, instrumentation, facilities, manufacturing, environmental health and safety, information systems, audit and management personnel. He was the founding member of the team and has staffed and managed the group since its inception in 2003. Gordon is Site Champion for design for manufacture using numerical methods. He currently develops compliance strategies for new product development and supports design and production engineering and program management for many new products in large contracts. Gordon’s friendly, honest style has gained him trust and support throughout the organization and customer base.

Gordon started his entrepreneurial development at twenty-three, when he invented a massively parallel optical information system. The effort provided invaluable insight into venture capital practices, and the impact of tax changes, market conditions, and communications on start-ups. He was the primary inventor for Parallax Engineering’s initial product. The conditions of sale of that start-up to another stereo video manufacturer allowed him to continue in quality assurance in a motion control firm where he was the senior quality engineer and into line management roles."

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