30 Apr 2013

Anything but water

  1. "Because America's geographical position is so unique in the world, it has led to a worldview that is often unrealistic and riddled with contradictions. However well-intentioned Americans may be, their view of global politics is frequently at war with itself. Here are three strains of thought in Americans' approach to global affairs that continue to impact their country's role in the world today."

  2. Another great post from Frank van Steenbergen: Good or bad land grabs. He's right to explore the details of sustainable performance.

  3. School choice works for parents and children; not so sure about administrators or teachers who do not want to serve them. I'm not a fan of funding/punishing with test scores, btw. I prefer vouchers; parents are better at choosing what works for their kids.

  4. Using games to help stakeholders reconcile their interests (and deal with climate change).

  5. "Doctoral study has a way of turning your head into a never-ending seminar, and I’m now capable of having complicated, inconclusive thoughts about nearly any subject. But advice helps people when they are making rational decisions, and the decision to go to grad school in English is essentially irrational... To begin with, the grad-school decision is hard in all sorts of perfectly ordinary ways. One of them is sample bias. If you’re an undergrad, then most of the grad students you know are hopeful about their careers, and all of the professors you know are successful; it’s a biased sample. [snip] Grad school is a life-changing commitment: less like taking a new job and more like moving, for the entirety of your twenties, to a new country... Grad school will shape your schedule, your interests, your reading, your values, your friends. Ultimately, it will shape your identity. That makes it difficult to know, in advance, whether you’ll thrive, and difficult to say, afterward, what you would have been like without it."
H/T to DL

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