26 Apr 2013

Anything but water

  1. WTF is wrong with Americans? Good question.

  2. A teacher's nightmare.

  3. Must read Interesting "Should I take this seriously? A simple checklist for calling bullshit on policy supporting research" [pdf]

  4. Economists are biased (no duh), but this comment is off the mark on "missing" population growth, since we (economists) look at per capita wealth. Read the original, then see if you worry about our bias towards treating individuals alike (my version).

  5. More problems with indicators, metrics and monitoring systems:
    ...despite investment of massive amounts of resources in monitoring initiatives, there is a surprising lack of evidence for their actual impact on decision-making or management [like I said]
    (I see that Hoekstra has another book on water footprints, a distraction from what matters -- according to me... and the Dutch Environmental Assessment Agency :)
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