19 Apr 2013

Anything but water

  1. Here's a free, 128pp primer that explains regulation (esp. in the US) in clear terms. Regulation, for example, can be in the public interest (benign), captured (industry controls bureaucrats), economic (interest group balancing) or corrupt (self-dealing or myopic bureaucrats)

  2. A right to legal counsel, like a right to water, needs to be funded if it's to be meaningful. Without funding, it's an empty right or, worse, a ticket to prison.

  3. Interesting essay:
    If you are talented, greedy, impatient and slightly slapdash, leave academia and come and work in business. Academia is much more rigorous than business – a single misplaced decimal point in a paper can kill your whole career. But we in business have one advantage. For an idea to succeed, it does not have to be perfect, it merely has to be less stupid than your competitors’ ideas.
  4. Another interesting perspective, on our needs to THINK about the machines we use, instead of just accepting the inventor's decisions of what's best for us (or the planet).

  5. Great story of Mexican "hackers" preventing the MX legislature from wasting money on bullshit e-services.

  6. Good summary of the costs and benefits of DDT and Rachel Carson's truth vs impact

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