15 Feb 2013

Speed blogging

  1. You can learn about virtual water and water footprints for $250 if you take this online course, but I'll give you the secret to sustainable water use for free: raise the price of water if demand exceeds supply. If you want a "certificate of completion" regarding this knowledge, then send me an example of where that does NOT happen with the solution in your own handwriting, and I'll sign it and send it back -- for FREE.

  2. Water Blog continues to put out great posts, like this one on fertilizing with rocks and this one on watering with dew.

  3. Great post summarizing the ups and downs of groundwater governance in California. Like that topic? Then attend A Regional Consultation on Groundwater Governance that takes place on 19-21 March in The Haag, Netherlands.

  4. Nice summary of the "third wave" in privatization of water services where, as I've said many times, governance matters! In fact, I just gave a talk on water governance and economic instruments at our recent conference in Madrid. Here are my slides [pdf] and my 18 min talk [mp3]

  5. Comment on "the potential for water resources management to be a part of the post-2015 development agenda" here before 17 Feb.
H/T to DL

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