4 Feb 2013

Speed blogging

  1. This article raises an interesting point: the US EPA allows companies to pollute aquifers that it assumes are too deep to be tapped for drinking. If rising water scarcity makes it economical to tap those aquifers (as Mexico just has), then it will not be possible to do so, since they will be polluted.

  2. Brazilian hydropower is NOT that green, but the World Bank thinks so.

  3. From India (Karnataka): groundwater (mis)management [docx] and how farmers are more efficient with water when they are exposed to water markets [pdf].

  4. A new publication attempts to estimate the impact of land grabs on water resources.

  5. This paper highlights the problems from a badly-understood water-energy-food nexus. IMO, the solution is NOT more management but better signals of scarcity for the resources now mispriced or taken for granted. (It highlights the problem with missing data :)
H/T to DL

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