20 Feb 2013

Anything but water

  1. Interesting [open access] research on how to help workers care more about their clients, the lack of results in e-governance in the US and how corruption in government corrupts citizen attitudes.

  2. Quantified bias: "Political orientation appeared to influence the formation of false memories, with conservatives more likely to falsely remember seeing Barack Obama shaking hands with the president of Iran, and liberals more likely to remember George W. Bush vacationing with a baseball celebrity during the Hurricane Katrina disaster."

  3. The internet is changing writing (for the better) and cutting publishers out of the loop.

  4. Bhutan is going organic, eventually. In related news, a soybean farmer defends himself against Monsanto's IP lawsuit. All I can see out of this (should the farmer win) is a higher price for seeds, to capture their value over multiple generations. Oh, and read this good article on land grabs.

  5. This paper [pdf] models the regulatory process as a game where the industry-lobbists, consumer-voters, and a regulator-politicians interact to define the regulated price; it shows electoral price cycles in for regulated gasoline and electricity markets in Brazil.
H/Ts to DL and HZ

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