28 Jan 2013

Speed blogging

  1. Ecosystem Marketplace is all excited about its report "detailing" $8 billion in ecosystem payments in 2012, but this Guardian article correctly draws attention to two problems: measuring the actual impact of these payments and keeping track of who benefits and who loses.

  2. In related news, there's an interesting series of reports on developing water markets. The webpage is VERY difficult to navigate, but here's the executive summary [pdf] with my [mostly critical] annotations. This was an expensive report, but it's missing a LOT of economics!

  3. I gave a talk on my chapter [pdf] on land and water grabs at the Lee Kwan Yew School of Public Policy in Singapore last week. Here are my slides [pdf] and a recording of the talk [mp3], which includes an interesting discussion on land grabs, corruption and development. This recent Guardian article describes grabs in Ethiopia, where the government is forcing people to leave land it's leasing to agribusinesses.

  4. Frank over at Water Channel has two interesting posts on informal institutions for managing irrigation and cooperating over water.

  5. "The Water Action Hub is an online platform designed to assist stakeholders to efficiently identify potential collaborators and engage with them in water-related collective action to improve water management in regions of critical strategic interest."
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