18 Dec 2012

Question of the week

I talk all the time about failed water management (often referencing Las Vegas :)

Can you give names or examples of good water managers delivering economically and environmentally sustainable water services?


Sander van der Heijden said...

A flowing side channel was constructed in the water basin Maas, the Netherlands. The implementation of cyclic water management should -according to the project plan- minimize human intervention in the area (saving money in maintenance costs) and the use of ecological sustainable material + a closed ground balance leaves room for several natural processes among them vegetation and safe erosion.

service: water quality
economically sustainable: saving costs in maintenance costs
environmentally sustainable: ecological instruments

Anonymous said...

Hi David,

For Southern California, you may want to check out the Long Beach Water Department (at http://www.lbwater.org ). Pretty good conservation programs, took a hard look at desal, including lots of research, and then said "no", etc., etc.

KH said...

I really like, Kim Thorner, General Manager of Olivenhain Water District. She seems to have her system running well. I also like their facebook postings, see on their website. They are looking into desalting and also working with a neighboring water district etc. They also had none of their board members opposed (pretty sure) in this last election which is unheard of here in San Diego.


Personally Kim is very easy going to talk to also and gives advice freely. She is very involved with California Special Districts as a certified trainer and they are a District of Distinction, where as all of the board members are trained in good governance etc. http://www.sdlf.org/images/DODapp.pdf


You should talk to her!

By the way - she has a legal and political background.

Anonymous said...

Keevin Hunt MODOC
Rich Nagel West Basin MWD
Robb Whitaker WRD

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