13 Dec 2012

Global Water is looking for interns!

I keep track of GWF, which has good content. If you're a student -- or someone looking to spend more time learning more about water issues -- then check out this opportunity...
The Global Water Forum is a UNESCO and Australian National University initiative set up to present freely available knowledge and insight from leading water researchers and practitioners. The goals of the GWF are to:
  • Support capacity building through knowledge sharing;
  • Provide a means for informed, unbiased discussion of potentially contentious issues;
  • Provide a means for discussion of important issues that receive less attention than they deserve;
  • Create a high quality resource for water practitioners that is accessible and freely available across the world.
With 2013 set to be the UN year of international water cooperation, the GWF is getting busier and busier. In order to help expand the site and make more resources available to all parts of the world the GWF is looking for discussion topic editors to manage a particular water topic and be responsible for sourcing and editing articles to a very high standard related to that topic (although there are plenty of other opportunities to get involved with for those who are interested!).

All internships are currently voluntary but interns can expect to: (a) get editing and publishing experience with a UNESCO organisation; (b) build up a network of relationships with people working in the water sector; (c) keep up-to-date with all of the latest water projects and academic research; and (d) have an opportunity to give publish an article on the site.

Anybody who is interested in learning more please send an email and a copy of your CV to chris.white@globalwaterforum.org.

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