30 Nov 2012

Speed blogging

  1. The US GAO (they are awesome) gives no recommendations in their report on the costs and benefits of shale gas, but their report will be useful for people interested in facts.

  2. Here's a 105 minute (mp3) discussion about different themes in the End of Abundance (dams, bottled water, water pricing, etc.)

  3. An interesting post on the many dimensions of "water security," and an article on how increasing risk is driving farmers from irrigated to rainfed agriculture.

  4. Hot off the press! "This report [from the European Environment Agency]... provides an overview of the state of Europe's waters and the pressures acting on those waters, looks in greater detail at the economic and social factors driving these pressures, and concludes with a summary of the societal and policy challenges that must be met if water is to be managed sustainably."

  5. Academics on scarcity-adjusted virtual water flows and the virtue of small dams.
H/T to DL

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