19 Nov 2012

Monday funnies

Inscamtion: Scams inside of scams inside of scams

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Economics And Financial Crime Commission
Date: Thu, Nov 1, 2012 at 4:48 PM
Subject: 2012 Scam Victim Remenbursment

Economics And Financial Crime Commission,
15a Awolowo Road Ikoyi,
Lagos Nigeria.
Website: www.efccnigeria.org
Fraud victims/$950,000
Our ref: 10667fv
Your ref: 890.


We came across your email address while going through the list of people that have received fraudulent mails from Nigerians. I am Ibrahim Abdullahi Lamorde. Chairman economic and financial crimes commission (EFCC) of the federal republic of Nigeria. Per-adventure you fell victim to fraudsters [scammers] and we are looking for evidence from you so that we can get these people and prosecute to life imprisonment for tarnishing the image of our country and making the world an unbearable place. Hence, we implore you to take precautions. in addition, stop replying any mails you suspect forward every of their mails directly to this office, so that we can commence investigation. Your interest will be highly protected and you will be compensated financially with the sum of $950,000 if you cooperate with us.

We understand that some of these fraudsters claim to be in London England, Benin republic and South Africa but be rest assured that we know they are operating from Nigeria. We implore you to assist us with this investigation.

We shall compensate you for all your help.

Yours truly,

Mr. Ibrahim A. Lamorde.
NB: Scammers pay BIG money for the names of people who have fallen for their lies, for "proven value."

Addendum: The daily blog email of this post ended up in my spam folder :)

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