21 Nov 2012

Anything but water

  1. Dan Ariely, in response to my proposal to ban advertising, told me that advertising functions as a coordination mechanism that allows people to find each other via shared "branding." He also said it's good when ads are not full of lies, an occasion I'd welcome.

  2. Speaking of Ariely, here are some of his "Arming the Donkeys" podcasts (iTunes links): Men are rewarded more than women, but they also die more (related to this post), how men and women trade sex for resources, how to schedule your time (without running out of it), and why we should pay more attention to morality than incentives when dealing with people. (FYI, I've listened to about 70 of them and like these :)

  3. 99 cool life hacks

  4. Your thesis committee and how to interpret their punctuation. So true.

  5. An update on "fake" academic journals that take money to publish rubbish from professors who are desperate for tenure. (Here are posts on the scams and why open access is good; here's a paper offering my solution.)

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