15 Nov 2012

Anything but water

  1. This short podcast discusses how we are more open to change when our lives are up in the air (a version of sunk costs). I'd use this phenomenon to advise water managers that their customers are more likely to accept changes in tariffs, etc., amidst drought, disaster, etc.

  2. Agricultural secrecy means that we cannot find out how much US farmers are making from subsidies, i.e., a perfect recipe for corruption.

  3. The Economist covers damming the Mekong in Laos (electricity exports to Thailand, money for the dictators and hunger for Cambodians), banks that fund deforestation and how Bangladesh has developed by helping women.

  4. Kevin Drum gives good post-election advice for democrats and republicans, and some republicans really need to listen.

  5. The Straight Dope on Peak Oil (looks like 2100, globally)

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