13 Nov 2012

Anything but water

  1. US subsidies to renewable energy jobs are 25x the subsidies to fossil energy jobs, and fossil energy isn't really subsidized at all ($0.0011 per kilowatt-hour).

  2. eBooks and piracy and what it's like to have your book given away for free. Although I put more weight on readers than revenue from my book, I also prefer that people pay to buy my book, but I wonder if I should make a "free to download, donate if you got value" option. Your thoughts?

  3. The Dutch eat their fries with mayo. I'll never go back to ketchup.

  4. National Geographic laments elephant poaching (ivory is often used for religious figures and vanity displays) but fails to see the connection between banning trade in a valuable commodity and poachers. The drug war fails for the same reasons. Regulate trade so communities see elephants as sources of legal revenue and elephants will be as common as cows (relatively speaking :)

  5. Got time to explore someone's imagination?


Allison Voglesong said...

I like the "free to download, donate if you got value" - because it provides an "opt-in" for revenue. Could be an interesting way to collect data about your readers. For instance when GirlTalk came out with the album "Feed the Animals" it was free but you could opt in to pay a price of your choosing. Then before "checkout" you answered a quick survey about why you paid what you did (or didn't). I think also Radiohead made this payment option available with the release of "In Rainbows." Whether or not they got a fair market price from this method, I don't know.

Seth said...

I was ready to call "bull shit!" on the statement that "fossil energy isn't really subsidized at all," but I was pleasantly surprised that Borenstein does it for me:

"Of course, the real subsidy to fossil fuels is that they emit local and global pollutants for which no one is required to pay."

I'd add to it by saying that free water use (withdrawal AND consumption) remains an extraordinary subsidy for steam-electric plants, and especially the older ones.

David Zetland said...

@Allison -- if only I could get their volumes... but I may give it a shot.

@Seth -- agreed. But those are WELL KNOWN externalities; the earlier phrase refers to direct subsidies...

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