19 Oct 2012

Speed blogging

  1. "Pricing water resources to finance their sustainable management" [pdf] gives a decent overview of the issues and some data on practices.

  2. ER notified me of SB 2109 (Kyl/McCain), which would have quantified Navaho and Hopi water rights (among other factors) in the Arizona region. That bill was controversial in those communities and appears to be dead. That's a pity, since unquantified Native American rights (rights superior to all other rights) cast uncertainty over water activities in the region.

  3. Great example of politicians (in India) creating a water fight to pose as populist defenders of their constituents. Too bad the are creating, instead of ending, conflict. Semi-related is this paper on "private tankers" delivering water in Delhi.

  4. "The [A$3.5 billion Melbourne] desal plant looks like being one of the fanciest and most monumental white elephants ever to grace the PPP landscape..." since the dams are now full of water but the plant costs $500 million per year to NOT run. For more on how to structure private-public partnerships, read this paper.

  5. Although it's hard to invest in "water," it's not so bad to invest in companies that treat/deliver water where abundance is gone.
H/Ts to DL, RM and ER

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