3 Oct 2012

Speed blogging

  • Last week, I gave a talk on my idea for using insurance to (1) improve performance at utilities and (2) make it easier to charge the right price (not too high or too low) for water services. Here is the 55 min talk [20MB mp3] and my slides [pdf].

  • I also recently talked about climate change with Steven Spierer on talkradioone. He asked if CC was real, and -- if so -- what to do about it. Listen in.

  • Is your city suffering from clogged sewers due to low flows? Fix that problem the way they do in Zimbabwe -- via a city-wide synchronized toilet flush!

  • San Diego County Water Authority has agreed to buy desalinated water at twice the price it usually pays, to gain 7 percent independence from Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. Customers are going to pay about $80 per year more because water managers in Southern California cannot bring themselves to use market instruments for water allocation, but I doubt that managers are ashamed to spend money on water that they don't even need (remember that over 50 percent of drinking water is dumped onto lawns).

  • (via DL): Histories of the Salton Sea and the Clean Water Act.

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