9 Oct 2012

Bleg: Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines?

One of the problems with working in Europe is their excessive attachment to vacations. I therefore find myself with an obligation to take a seven week vacation (7 Dec to 29 Jan, 2013) to Malaysia (with side trips to Singapore and Brunei), Indonesia, and the Philippines.

Cornelia and I are already planning to visit the Batu caves for Thaipusam in Malaysia, and we may get to Ati-Atihan in the Philippines.

But where else shall we go? The plan at the moment is to visit peninsular Malaysia and Borneo, Bali to Flores in Indonesia and places on Luzon in the Philippines, but we're looking for suggestions related to culture, nature, etc.

So -- tell us where to go. Better yet, tell us if you know cool people to meet.

We'll report back, of course.


Anonymous said...

Problems? Surely this is tongue in cheek David? You get one life...if you want to spend it miserable in a profession where you accomplish nothing and die wishing you had more seven week vacations, i will gladly trade spots with you. Everyone should have such an ability to become cultured and actually experience other lands and peoples on a yearly basis.

Karla said...

Me and my husband decided to visit likuliku lagoon resort in fiji. But we won't miss out visiting the Philippines. I've heard Boracay is not to be missed and the Underground River in Palawan. Have a good one!

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