26 Oct 2012

Anything but water

THIS is how to have dinner with friends
  1. Ties Rijcken, an engineer friend of mine, wrote an excellent essay [pdf] on "wabi," or the ways in which we can balance nature and technology. Such balance can be efficient at the same time as it's sustainable and beautiful. Read it.

  2. UC Davis settled its lawsuits on that incident of police brutality via pepper spraying innocent students for $1 million. The cop who did it, and his chief, were fired. I'm not sure the settlement fixes the poor reputation of police (they've always been a little trigger happy), but it's nice to see SOME repercussions.

  3. Economists can oversimplify things to the point of uselessness, but sometimes they do so in entertaining ways, e.g., the MONIAC analogue computer that used fluidic logic [water flows!] to model the workings of an economy.

  4. WTF + wise quotes = wisdom tha fuck [NSFW]

  5. Hint: If you're running research projects and worry about PIs double- or triple-dipping that leads to lots of money for no effort, then limit them to one project per CV (hear that NIH, NSF and EU?). I know it will work in some places...
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