6 Sep 2012

Waiting for a Dutch Armageddon

In the Netherlands:
  • Health insurance is mandatory.
  • Everyone has a national ID number
  • You can possess and smoke marijuana
  • The drinking age is 18, 16 for beer*
  • Gasoline is about $9 per gallon
  • Plastic and aluminum are not recycled in most areas (low consumption of soda!)
  • The VAT (sales tax) is about 20 percent
  • The postal service is privatized
  • Pancakes are VERY thin
I've been looking for signs of chaos and destruction, but nothing so far. I'll keep you posted.
* Cornelia was told that the Dutch will tolerate behavior if it's profitable, doesn't harm anyone and is done quietly -- close to what I wrote awhile ago.

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Robpublican said...

What?! Thin pancakes!! Intolerable! Not in my country!

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