4 Sep 2012

Tuesday funnies

I was reminded (via CD) of several US Gov't failures recently. The first was the (now discontinued) program in which the US Mint would sell dollar coins with "free" shipping. Many people used their credit cards to order coins that they returned immediately, while keeping the cash back or airline miles they got from their credit card companies. The Mint lost money on credit card fees and postage, of course.

But that's not a problem, right, if the USPS makes money on postage? Not exactly, since the USPS business model is so stuck in the past -- and a monopolistic mindset where they are begging people to use their useless services. Watch this useful parody:
If you want to see the future of the USPS, check out the privatized Dutch postal service. It sold post offices in 1993 and makes a profit (yes, a crazy word to put in the same paragraph as USPS).

Labor Day Bottom Line: You will have to work more if the government wastes your taxes.


Tim in Albion said...

USPS is stuck in an impossible position: a quasi-governmental agency that is not funded by the government, is required to provide universal service, and has been laden with impossible demands by Congress. Its fiscal problems are entirely caused by Congress (in particular, the 2006 PAEA); the USPS operations are remarkably efficient.

Also, it's in the Constitution. But I guess that's "just a goddamn piece of paper" after all...

Tim in Albion said...

p.s. The government certainly wastes my taxes, but not on the USPS, which has not been taxpayer-funded since the 1980s. Pick a better target (there are plenty - I'd start with DoD).

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