26 Sep 2012

Speed blogging

  • An interesting history of ignoring the environment for the sake of economic activities (i.e., exporting water from the Delta) in California. On a related note, another study recreates the "pre-human" (wetlands) ecology of California's Central Valley.

  • You may have seen that over 100 people have died in "fighting over water and land" in Kenya. The blame -- according to locals -- lies with feckless politicians, not missing means to reconcile competing demands.

  • This post on "the high cost of free water" covers familiar territory -- and cites my book as a source of solutions, e.g., raising the price.

  • Imperial Irrigation District is trying to fallow land, to "free up" water. IID, unfortunately, is naming both a quantity target and price to hit it, which guarantees failure to meet their goals. Someone send them an Economics 1 textbook!

  • Yep. "Urban sprawl generates business opportunities and tax revenues for state and local governments in the short term, but if groundwater overabstraction leads to land subsidence, financial risk is transferred to the federal government through increased risk exposure from federal housing loans and government-backed residential lending."
H/T to DL, RM and TS

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