21 Sep 2012

Anything but water

Trees age differently from humans animals!

Fahrenheit measurements of temperature are even screwier than you think!

Marginal Revolution University is coming soon. Free to use, easy access.

Organic food isn't more nutritious but may have lower residual pesticides. Is it worth paying more to save washing time?

Good news in the battle against corruption: "Resource companies listed on American stock exchanges, which make up half the global industry by value, will be required to publish all payments to foreign governments above $100,000."

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ER said...

Organic is better when you never wash your vegs. I have heard though, that some are more likely than others to still be coated with the agricultural chemicals. A carrot, for example, should have less on it though un-washed than celery would do.

Now, dry-farmed ag is the best I can find but I'm sure it's wildly more expensive. Does that tie into your studies in any way? The only local examples I'm aware of is one of the vineyards here in the Napa Valley. But all of the wines here are dear, so that's a false indicator of real costs.

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