8 Aug 2012

Watershed Movie -- the review

I just watched this movie, which portrays the views of some people who live on or near the Colorado River. Robert Redford and his son produced the 57 minute movie; that means it has good production values and marketing, but I feel it lacks direction or a point.

The movie consists of a series of interviews with people who are (justifiably) concerned with the declining "health" of the Colorado River. They discuss how bad things are and how they propose to improve matters. These interviews, unfortunately, are not representative of the people who use the Colorado (the guy from LA may be the only one in that city who commutes with his family on bikes), and that means that the movie's tone is simultaneously biased and optimistic.

Although I am not one to worship at the feet of "experts," I felt that the uninformed opinions offered by people in the film undermined its credibility. Those opinions -- in the absence of a decent discussion of why the Colorado is dying or options for change ("hope" is not an option) -- left me frustrated and annoyed.

Bottom Line: I give Watershed TWO STARS for its nice footage of locations in the Colorado watershed. Watch Running Dry if you want to understand the forces affecting water supply and demand in the region.

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