29 Aug 2012

Speed blogging

  1. Increasing block rates (in electricity) can fail [PDF] to promote either efficiency or equity.

  2. Aquadoc tracks down the real water footprint of paper newspapers with vigor. He could spend his time sipping ale and playing fetch with the dog if we priced water for scarcity!

  3. My essay on the value and price of water is now at Growing Blue. Bottom line:
    Water is necessary for our economy; we have different values for water; allocation mechanisms do not always consider these values; and – most important – the price you pay or cost of water may not reflect the value of water to you or others.
  4. Yes, investors are making GOOD money on water, mostly through shares of companies delivering services to improve water management, not in raw water (although investing in crops before drought hits can be profitable).

  5. Speaking of which... interesting tales of how farmers and normal folks are coping with drought. Interesting to see that some consider it an aberration, others as a change of life.
H/T to DL

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